Who we are

Our engineering and consulting activity was founded in 2004.
Our largest and most important capital are people.
We are a team of engineers – graduates of Construction, Architecture and Environmental Engineering of the Lodz University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology, associated in the District Chambers of Construction Engineers and District Chamber of Architects.
We are also recommended energy auditors on the list of Energy Auditors Associations, and our names are also in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction of the register of persons authorized to draw up energy performance certificates.

We began our professional experience in project offices.
We have worked on issues concerning networks, installations and thermal equipment (with particular emphasis on the use of renewable energy sources), ventilation, gas, water supply and sewage. Our theoretical knowledge has been verified many times in contracting – directly on construction sites, as part of the project management process.
As modern engineers, we fulfill the hopes placed in us.
We are aware of the need to study in the latest achievements of science and technology, as well as to acquire economic and managerial knowledge as necessary tools for interpersonal work.
The previous cooperation with foreign partners, both in everyday professional life and in the course of foreign scholarships, puts us in a group of people aware of modern ecological threats and following energy trends.
This awareness is also a result of knowledge gained during postgraduate studies and numerous industry trainings.

The basis of our daily customer relations is the high level of professional ethics of our team.