“Clean Air” Project



The program focuses on replacing old solid fuel boilers and thermo-modernization of single-family houses.
The program is addressed to owners of single-family houses or people who have permission to start construction of a detached house.
Check the energy status of your building and order with us for this purpose an energy audit or a simplified energy analysis.
Subsidies and loans will be granted through the sixteen Regional Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

More information is available at the link.

Important change in standards and regulations.



On 29.09.2017, the Polish Committee for Standardization withdrew the PN-EN ISO 13790 standard. Energy properties of buildings. Calculation of energy consumption for heating and cooling. This standard has been replaced by a new standard: PN-EN ISO 52016-1: 2017 (English version) Energy performance of buildings – Demand for heating and cooling energy, internal temperatures and explicit and latent heat loads – Part 1: Calculation procedures.

There is also a new Regulation of the Minister of Energy of 13/10/2017 regarding energy efficiency audits (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1912).


Energy performance certificates became an important document at the transactions on the real estate secondary market.



With the entry into force of the Act on the energy performance of buildings, energy performance certificates are part of the whole project related to the conclusion of purchase / sale or rental of real estate transactions. Energy certificates are a tool through which you can get an idea of the amount of operating costs of a new flat or house.

The energy efficiency of real estate has a considerable impact on its value. This should be kept in mind, especially when you are planning to buy your dream apartment or house. GJ Projekt is professionals specializing in the energy efficiency of buildings and its impact on value, and thus the price of real estate.


Financial assistance program for energy-efficient construction.


In connection with the implementation of the priority program “effective energy use part 3) subsidies for loans for the construction of energy-efficient houses” we offer you services in the field of design, supervision and commissioning of construction works related to the construction of buildings with low energy demand.

The low energy standard of NF15 and NF40 buildings is the size of the demand for single and multi-family dwellings for energy for heating and ventilation purposes, amounting to 15 and 40 kWh / (m2 • year) respectively, calculated in accordance with the rules set out in the standards listed in the Polish Committee Standardization.

Real estate valuation.


The energy diversification of similar properties affects their value and price. We carry out assessments of the impact of the energy standard of real estate on its value.

Real estate with low energy efficiency, as well as often premises extremely located in buildings that are not fully modernized, generate significant operating costs which, saved in a given time perspective, as discounted cash flows allow to determine how much less there is the value of such properties in the current moment compared to the state in which the minimum requirements for thermal insulation of partitions would be met.